About 13 Dresses

Our mission? To change the apparel industry one beautiful dress at a time. You are the designer. You make the change.

13 Dresses is a crowdsourced design platform for sustainable fashion. We are in the process of building an epically talented and diverse collection of creative minds working to find the most sustainable and fashionable options in garment design – specifically dresses to start.

"90% of a product's environmental impact is committed at the design stage."

- Yvon Chouinard & Vincent Stanely in "The Responsible Company", 2012 Patagonia

We want YOU to make the decisions, be a part of the collective and make a positive impact.

13 Dresses uses certified organic fabrics and environmentally friendly printing processes. Fabrics are limited to organic cotton and silk that can be digitally printed with reactive dyes, minimizing water and chemical use and optimizing production processes. Over-production and waste are minimized through; production to order, no mandatory minimum production amounts and zero-waste pattern cutting (where possible) in the design process. These sustainable options allow us the maximum versatility and range of styles and designs with only minimal limitations.

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