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Craft / 13 Dresses Contest

Craft / 13 Dresses Contest



This contest is now closed for submissions but you can vote for the winners. Your votes choose which design get produced sustainably and sold in our online shop. Voting ends December 31, 2013 23:59 UTC.


Category | Themes: Dresses & Prints

Start Date: 2013-08-01

End Date: 2013-09-07

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  • Crowd voted, winning designs will be paid 200 euros
  • An additional 5% of the retail sale price of each dress sold will be paid to a maximum of an additional 2000 euros

All submitted designs and prints become the property of 13 Dresses until October 20, 2013 (for the purposes of this challenge commencing on Aug. 1, 2013) or indefinitely if the design wins; for the limited use in the following applications:

  • Production of garments for sale on
  • Production of fabric – in the case of print design – for sale on
  • Advertisement of 13 Dresses and the associated designer


Designs will be credited to the designer whenever possible and designs that don’t win are eligible to be resubmitted in further competitions by the original designer only.


By submitting you are agreeing to take sole responsibility for the originality and authenticity of your design as your own and not the intellectual property of another. All claims of copyright infringement of a design will be against the submitter of that design and not 13 Dresses or Anita Heiberg, owner of 13 Dresses.


Criteria & Rules


Design Criteria

Please choose one of the four mood boards below for inspiration and include the title in your submission documents.


Design a dress and/ or print design inspired by your chosen mood board for Spring/ Summer 2014.


Target Group is: 25-40 year old woman, educated professional, cares about the environment and is willing to pay for unique, good quality products. She cares about fashion but wants something more thoughtful and interesting than what fast-fashion has to offer. She loves discovering new designers. She is active in social media and technology, she’s an innovator and a leader.


Mood Boards

See Mood board examples at the end of this document.
Specify Fabric:


100% Silk Crepe de Chine - 60 g /sqm, 14 MM, Approx. 140 cm fabric width, Approx. 135 cm wide printable area




100% Organic Cotton - 127 g /square meter, Approx. 150 cm wide printable area.


** Estimated fabric usage should be under 4 meters/ design



Submission Format

** In your submission email please include: Your full name, email address, title of mood board used for inspiration, fabric choice and name of your design. Please include your name in the name of each of your files. Attach the following documents to the email or use a file sharing service like WeTransfer and send all files in a compressed .zip folder. Send submissions to:


Document 1:

  • Technical drawing (see examples) showing front, back and detail views, if applicable. Must also include the body on which it was drawn, either separately or with the garment to show proportions. Drawings must be computer generated (following industry standards).
  • Optional: include a colourized version or preferred print design


Files must be in .pdf, .psd or .ai formats


Max file size of all views of garment combined = 2 mb.


Document 2:

In a separate pdf document include:


  • vital measurements, especially the garment length, sleeve lengths, hem widths, etc. Include as much as you think is necessary – more is better!
  • Fit should be described and intended amount of ease for your garment, as well as intended
    sample size.
  • Measurements can be provided in inches or cm, please specify which you are using

Document 3 (optional):

  • original digital print designs should be provided in a separate document – max 20mb
  • colour layer separation is NOT necessary – that makes your life easier phew!
  • non-repeating motifs should be provided in .tif format
  • repeating prints should be provided in .eps, .tif, or .jpg


Drawing Templates


Croquis: Click to Download


Any Ideas?

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